Top 3 tips to catering an incredible boardroom lunch that will have guests singing your praises.

Top 3 tips to catering an incredible boardroom lunch that will have guests singing your praises.

Nathan McKee | Head Chef & Operations Manager

Unless you plan on jumping in a modified DMC DeLorean and taking a trip back to 1985, then ordering catering with triangle sandwiches and fruit for your next boardroom meeting should be out of the question. 

Gone are the days of boring lunches, it’s time to impress those execs while making your life easier at the same time. We want to bring a new flavour to the Brisbane Catering scene and help you spice things up.  

Here are our top 3 tips to cater an incredible boardroom lunch that will have attendees singing your praises. 

  1. Upgrade your sandwiches.

Triangles of egg and lettuce, ham cheese tomato, roast beef and’s all been done before. If you still insist on the classic “fillings between bread”, then it’s at least time to upgrade the standard sandwich. Our gourmet sandwich range or deli style baguettes are always a crowd pleaser that allow you to try something different while still delivering that “easy to eat” format that so many have come to love. Try them out for your next order, they are sure to break the boredom of the 3 pointed classic.  

  1. Brie your best. 

If you know someone who voluntarily avoids cheese (without being intolerant), it’s probably time that you unfriend them in real life. Cheese is always a winner in any crowd and your boardroom meeting is no different. We were surprised to learn that here at A Gourmet Plate Catering we are one of the few companies catering in Brisbane that offer Cheese Platter Boxes & Charcuterie boxes. Try adding one of these options to your cart next time you’re checking out and then sit back and watch those execs and office folk tuck in to an Adelaide Hills Brie or slap down some King Island Smoked Cheddar (this one’s off the charts). 

  1. Keep it green. 

Salad. It sounds so boring, however there are an ever increasing number of health conscious attendees at each function or meeting that we cater. Our salad range has been a huge hit and offers a nice mix up to your usual garden (variety) salad...pun intended. From green bean and bacon through to  roasted cauliflower and sweet potato, we know your guests will be stoked with any option you pick.

- Nathan McKee

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